Construction Industry Scheme in Argyll and Bute

Construction Industry Scheme in Argyll and Bute

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Construction Industry Scheme in Argyll and Bute

If you need to make HMRC contributions through subcontractor payments, the Construction Industry Scheme, through a CIS umbrella (, can help. 

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You may have heard of Construction Industry Scheme in Argyll and Bute PA78 6 before, if not we are here to tell you more...

If you are working as a contractor in the UK, you will need to report and clear payments through HM Revenue and Customs on a regular basis. 

If you are handling these documents and processes on your own, things can get a little complex.

However, help is at hand.  We are experienced, outsourced financial experts with years of experience working with CIS requests. 

If you’d like to know more about how we can help manage your CIS administration, please feel free to read on, and to filll in our contact form if you have any specific questions.

What is CIS?

CIS stands for Construction Industry Scheme.  This applies to regulations set by the UK government, whereby contractors can offset subcontractor deductions through contact with HMRC. 

You will need to register for CIS status if you wish for HMRC to deduct money from subcontractors for their tax and national insurance contributions.

Managing this side of business finance can get a little complicated. 

Therefore, many sole traders and limited companies seek help from a CIS umbrella, or outsourced payroll team (, to manage their accounts for them.

CIS Umbrella

A CIS umbrella is a company which will work alongside you to make sure that all of your contractor paperwork is present, correct, and files appropriately with HMRC. 

Rather than handle the paperwork on your own, an outsourcer will manage all of your data and will ensure that HMRC is completely up to date on your CIS contributions.

You can arrange for support from a CIS umbrella as well as PAYE payroll services at the same time. 

Essentially, it is our job to make sure that your corporate finances receive our full attention, and that you experience none of the headaches of managing subcontractor tax.

Self Employed Umbrella

The term self employed umbrella can be a little misleading.  When you approach an umbrella firm for CIS support, you are not merging companies. 

You are simply reaching out for dedicated support from a separate, self employed entity.

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We run a self employed umbrella service in Argyll and Bute PA78 6 to handle a wide variety of CIS concerns. 

We will ensure that you can continue operating as a sole contractor, and that any subcontractor finances are fully managed.

  • We will manage all appropriate invoices and tax codes and will communicate with HMRC on your behalf.
  • You will have access to a dedicated account manager who can help to monitor and assess your existing contributions, and those of your subcontractors.
  • You will be able to call our team at any time for dedicated advice as well as for assessment of your invoicing and records.

CIS analysis and filing is just one of our major services.  Please feel free to call our team, or to email us, if you have any specific needs or concerns you would like us to help with.


To be eligible for CIS, HMRC will require you to register as a contractor. 

Your expenditure, over three years, should exceed a minimum of £1 million, and if subcontractors regularly work for you on your behalf. 

If you pay subcontractors for work, and you don't run a construction firm, then you will likely be eligible for CIS.

Work covered by CIS includes building construction, civil works, alterations, demolitions, installations and preparations. 

However, CIS will not cover you for surveying, fitting of floors, deliveries, payments for framework or scaffolding, or fabrication of construction tools and material.

To learn more about your CIS eligibility, please contact a member of our team as soon as possible, and we will help you.

Register for CIS

If you are interested in registering for CIS, we are always happy to help.  You must register as a contractor, a subcontractor or both if required by the government. 

Registering on CIS means that you will have access to tax relief and deduction on payments you make via subcontractors. 

It will also mean that you do not need to handle the paperwork or digital trail yourself.

Make sure to either use our online query form to contact a member of our team. If you would like to register for CIS through a self employed umbrella company.

Registration Form

Looking to download the right registration form for Construction Industry Scheme in Argyll and Bute PA78 6 today?  Once again, we are here to help.  Just follow our simple online query process to get in touch. 

We will help you find the quickest route through to the support you need.

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CIS advice and guidance is available all year round.  Let an experienced, outsourced financial team ( analyse your contractor status, and therefore handle all of your paperwork for you. 

Spend less time worrying about filing with the HMRC, and more time running your own business.

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